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7 Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts

CarDamage1Automotive collision refinishing specialists see a lot of vehicular damage. Dealing with damaged car and truck parts is part of the job. But some car parts get damaged more often than others, so it pays to put particular focus on repairing these particular components.

Here are the seven most commonly damaged car parts based on a survey of nearly 20,000 auto collisions in 2010:*

1. Front Bumper (28 percent) — This is no surprise, since the front bumper is the first part of a car to hit another object when in forward motion. Even though bumpers are designed to resist low-speed impacts (under 5 mph), any collision at normal driving speeds is likely to cause significant damage to this essential safety feature.

2. Headlights (21 percent) In a front-end impact, which is the most common, the headlights are the next thing to go after the front bumper. That they’re made of plastic and glass only increases its chances of shattering, even in a relatively low-speed crash.

3. Fender (21 percent) Fenders usually take the brunt of side-end collisions. They often suffer minor damage as well when drivers, trying to maneuver through tight spaces, brush up against garage door frames, fire hydrants, etc.

4. Grille (20 percent) – The front grille is right behind headlights in front-end crash vulnerability. The only reason grilles are not quite as likely to be damaged as headlights is that drivers seeing an impending impact are likely to swerve, which tends to make the resulting angle-of-impact slightly off-center.

5. Wheels (15 percent) Wheels get damaged not only in side-impact collisions, but also as the result of running over potholes and road debris.

6. Hood (10 percent) Hood crumpling is an intentional, engineered response to high-speed front-end crashes. Automakers design hoods to crumple and absorb the energy of front-end impacts rather than stay rigid and be pushed back into the driver’s compartment and become low-tech guillotine blades. In this case, better the hood be damaged than your body.

7. Taillights (9 percent) Like headlights, taillights are highly vulnerable to attacks from both the rear and the side. If your car is struck from behind, chances are your tail lights will suffer in the impact.

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