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Medical Assistant Training Available at WyoTech in Long Beach

MedicalAssistant1Are you ready to change your life for the better? Are you ready to take on new challenges and new responsibilities? Do you want a career that can really make a difference in your life — and in the lives of others?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” then consider training to be a medical assistant. And if you live in south Los Angeles County, consider getting your medical assistant training at WyoTech in Long Beach.

Why Train to Be a Medical Assistant?

There are many compelling reasons to consider medical assistant training, including:

  • Medical assisting can be challenging and varied. In many medical offices, medical assistants have a range of responsibilities. These responsibilities can include taking patient vital signs, taking patient histories, managing medical records, taking blood, giving injections, managing supply inventories and interfacing with insurance companies.
  • Medical assisting is a “people” job. Medical assistants usually spend a lot of time working directly with patients. As such, the job requires good communication skills and a high degree of empathy.
  • Medical assistants command respect. Like any job in the health care field, medical assisting requires specialized training and must be performed to exacting standards. You will likely find that friends and family view you with newfound admiration and respect when they see you in your medical scrubs!
  • Medical assistants help others. As part of a medical team, medical assistants provide care that helps patients lead long, happy and productive lives. By being the first health care professional patients normally see during a visit to the doctor’s office, medical assistants also play a key role making patients feel calm, secure and open to taking medical and lifestyle advice from the physician.
  • Medical assistants are in demand. More than 5,000 new medical assistant jobs are expected to open in the Los Angeles/Long Beach metro area alone between 2010 and 2020.* That’s a lot of positions that need to be filled. And physicians will look for the best-qualified people to fill them.

Why Get Your Medical Assistant Training at WyoTech?

You have many choices when it comes to schools where you get medical assistant training. If you live in southern L.A. County, WyoTech’s Medical Assistant program in Long Beach offers many benefits and advantages, including:

  • Reputation. WyoTech is part of Corinthian Colleges, the company that also operates Heald and the Everest family of colleges, institutes and universities.  Everest trains and graduates more medical assistants than any other school in the United States. Many physicians, clinics and other health care facilities turn to us first for entry-level medical assistant candidates.
  • Small classes. At WyoTech, classes are small and intimate. You can get the personal attention you may need, as well as opportunities to develop close relationships with students and faculty. This can make for a more personal and rewarding educational experience than is available at a community college or other traditional postsecondary school.
  • You’ll learn by doing. WyoTech’s Medical Assistant classes are taught in a workshop-like environment that emphasizes hands-on learning using the tools and technologies found in most of today’s medical offices.
  • You’ll learn from industry professionals. At WyoTech, your instructors will be health care industry professionals. They have practical experience working in medical offices and know what employers will expect of you once you get out into the working world.
  • You can be ready to work within a year. You can complete WyoTech’s Medical Assistant program in less than a year. This is a streamlined, concentrated program designed to get you through school and into your new career.**
  • You’ll have help job-hunting. After graduation, you can get help with your job-hunting efforts from WyoTech’s Career Services staff. They’re available to help you with everything from resume writing to setting up interviews with local employers.

Get More Information

For more information on the Medical Assistant career training program at WyoTech in Long Beach, contact WyoTech today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

**Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for graduates.

* Source: State of California Employment Development Department –

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