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WyoTech Success Story – Jamey Jordan

Graduate Spotlight - Jamey Jordan

Jamey graduated in 2002 from WyoTech’s Collision Refinishing Technology program with a specialty focus in Street Rod and Custom Fabrication.

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own business? Jamey, a proud graduate of WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming, made this dream a reality, and credits WyoTech with helping him broaden his career horizons and understand work ethics for employees and owners alike. With hard work and the right education, he built his own business from the ground up.

A top career accomplishment for Jamey post-graduation was starting his business Handmade Seat Co., a custom seat company that specializes in top-quality, aluminum bomber-style seats and aluminum-based furniture and artwork. The disciplines he was taught in the classroom helped to instill work ethics for a successful business doing what he loves. Jamey makes custom automotive and motorcycle seats, furniture and metal art, inspired from the custom fabrication training he received at WyoTech – Laramie.

Taking his art a step further, he released a DVD “The Art of Bead Rolling” in 2013, and will release the second volume edition “The Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps” in early 2014. He also started his own product line with Mittler Brothers Machine & Tools in 2012, which consists of more than 60 items in his Signature Series.

“Using the skills I learned at WyoTech and adding my creative touch and imagination has allowed me to take my craft and career to another level,” said Jamey.

Jamey is passionate about sharing the merits of an education and hard work, and has an affinity to advise other fellow WyoTech students. He visited WyoTech’s Blairsville campus and teamed up with the Street Rod and Custom Fabrication program instructor to assist students on their 64’ Ford F100 project. He collaborated with the students on the design of the 64’ Ford, which incorporated Jamey’s style. The finished product made its debut at the 2013 Las Vegas Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) event. “I am honored to have participated in this project,” said Jamey. “It was exhilarating to see the finished 64’ Ford F100 at SEMA and all the work that the students put into it.”

“I learned so much at WyoTech and it’s helped me to get where I am today. I encourage students to take advantage of all the training opportunities that are offered, but also know that it takes hard work and dedication to become successful.”

If you have the desire and determination to build a career like Jamey, WyoTech is the place to start. Whether you’re interested in street rod and custom fabrication or becoming an automotive technician, WyoTech can give you the skills you need to go anywhere. Learn more today.

To those who are interested in a similar path to Jamey’s, he imparts the following advice: “Learn everything you can at WyoTech…this is an incredible stepping stone.”

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