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10 of the Oddest Custom Motorcycles in History

Motorcycles are the ultimate outlaw vehicle. Since their invention in the late 19th century, motorcycles have been associated with freedom, rebelliousness and a disregard for polite convention. It’s no surprise then that bike builders have, over the years, come up with some pretty wild and, dare we say, awesome custom bikes. Some are boldly dramatic. Some are playfully humorous. And some are just downright weird. All are deeply personal expressions of their owners.

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Is Automotive Technology Changing too Quickly?

Is automotive technology changing too quickly? At least one industry analyst thinks so. Writing for Automotive Technology, staff writer Larry P. Vellequette notes that rapid advancements in automobile safety, performance, connectivity and fuel economy may produce better vehicles and attract customers, but immediately adding these improvements to existing production lines can ultimately hurt a company’s profitability.

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10 Cool Car Ideas That Never Made It into Production

Here are 10 cool auto technology and design ideas that never made it into widespread production.

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Financial Benefits to Buying a High-Efficiency HVAC System

High-efficiency HVAC systems save homes money through government rebates and lower bills. WyoTech in Fremont and Long Beach offer HVAC training courses.

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