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WyoTech in Blairsville has No. 1 Graduation Rate Among U.S. Trade Schools


WyoTech Blairsville

WyoTech’s campus in Blairsville, Pa., has the highest graduation rate among schools of its kind in the United States, according to a new national educational survey. More than 85 percent of the school’s students graduate within three years, according to the report. This ranks the campus first among two-year trade schools with student populations of 500 or more.

The study of college graduation rates appears in the Almanac of Higher Education 2013, published on Aug. 23 by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

WyoTech’s flagship campus in Laramie, Wyo., ranks fifth in the survey with a three-year graduation rate of 80.1 percent.

“It surprised me to be in the No. 1 spot, but the fact that we tend to be higher than most institutions doesn’t surprise me because we offer a very focused education here,” said Art Herman, president of WyoTech’s Blairsville campus. “Many of the students who come here really have a clear idea of what it is they want to do, and their goals.”

WyoTech’s Blairsville campus offers programs in Automotive Technology, Collision/Refinishing Technology and Diesel Technology, with more than a half-dozen sub-specialties in each. Most can be completed in less than two years. Students who graduate from WyoTech often go on to work in auto dealerships, automotive repair and maintenance facilities, and auto customizing shops.

“We take our vision, mission and values very seriously here,” Herman said. “Our vision is to be the best automotive and diesel school in the world — today Blairsville, tomorrow the world — and our mission here on our campus is to help our students to change their lives.

You can read more about the WyoTech rankings in the online edition of the Indiana Gazette.

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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Programs and schedules vary by campus.

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