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Beat the Heat World Finals – Columbus Ohio

Beat the Heat Inc. is a nonprofit organization comprised of police officers and firefighters who conduct educational programs using marked emergency drag vehicles to gain the public’s interest. The program started in 1982 and is geared toward keeping young drivers from racing on the streets. Instead, young drivers with fast cars can race at the track where it’s safe and legal. This year’s event took place Aug. 23-24, at the National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio.

Police and firefighters visit community events, schools, colleges, and car shows with the message that it’s okay to have a fast car. It’s even okay to race — when it’s done safely and legally by bringing fast cars to the track. The police officers, firefighters, and educators enjoy volunteering their time to educate others about the dangers of illegal street racing. Beat the Heat World Finals is the best place for the public to see and mingle with these public-servant professionals.

It’s an exciting race of speed and thunder as participants battle for the crown of “Top Cop.” Larry Lee Nagle, of  WyoTech Daytona, competed in the event on behalf of WyoTech in this year’s Beat the Heat World Finals. You can watch the exciting video here:

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