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Importance of Customer Service in Plumbing

Plumbing involves more than just you and the pipes. A large deal of customer service comes into play while working in plumbing technology. Whether you are a residential plumber or in construction, you will most likely be required to deal with many different types of people. This can present its own set of rewards and challenges. It is important to master your customer service and interpersonal skills to succeed in the industry.

Customer Service in Residential Plumbing

In residential plumbing, customer service relates to both the acquisition and retention of business. With many plumbers out there to choose from, what will separate you is not only the quality of your technical skills, but also how you are able to put the customer at ease.

It is important to remember that you are a guest in other people’s homes. There is a great deal of trust involved in inviting a plumber into your house. Customers trust you not only to do a good job, but also to respect their privacy. Good communication skills and creating a pleasant working environment can go a long way in building trust with a customer.

Another aspect of trust falls under the fact that a good portion of the job is unsupervised. While this affords you the relaxation of not having someone hover over your shoulder, you also must be self-motivated to complete the job from start to finish efficiently.

Interpersonal Skills in Construction Plumbing

While you are not a stranger in other people’s homes when doing plumbing in construction, you still need to have good interpersonal skills. In construction, you will frequently have to work in large teams to complete a big project.

There will be other plumbers as well as other members of the construction team with varying types of personalities, not all of which you will get along with. Open communication can help ease the tension and clear up misunderstandings. It also helps to keep things in perspective. You are there to do a job, which is a means for a better life. What is more important: your career or a petty fight? Keep your emotions in check and produce the best quality work you can.

If you advance to a supervisory level, interpersonal and communication skills become even more important. You will need the ability to delegate and keep open lines of communication.

Plumbing Technology at WyoTech

The Plumbing Technology program at WyoTech will train you not only in the technical skills you need, but the professional skills you need to succeed. Career service representatives can help give you the resume, interviewing and interpersonal skills you need to advance in your chosen field. Workshop experience will also ensure you have real-world experience before you enter the job.

WyoTech offers its Plumbing Technology program at the Fremont and Long Beach campuses. Contact WyoTech to get more information. Programs and schedules vary by campus.

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