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Harley-Davidson Unveils New Bike Called Breakout

Harley-Davidson has a long history in the American motorbike industry. It was one of only two American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. It invokes the American spirit and a sense of freedom. But even classics find themselves competing against the test of time and find the need for reinvention. Enter the Harley-Davidson Breakout.

The 2013 Breakout made its debut during the Daytona Bike Week and has motorcycle enthusiasts buzzing. The new design is credited to new Harley-Davidson designer Ben McGinley, who is only 24 years old. Despite the new look and new designer, the Breakout is actually rooted in the basics and Harley-Davidson’s long history.

Based on the Softail platform, the bike is stripped down to the essentials. The bike features, “a big wide, 240/40R18 radial out back, some gloss-back flat bars up front and a huge 103-cubic-inch V-twin in between,” reports*

The new design has been well received so far, which is just in time. CNBC has reported concerns of an aging market and less of a demand for the American classic.** In 2008, Harley-Davidson stopped reporting the average age of its riders. The last known data shows an average age of 48 years old, which is up from the average of 46.1 years old in 1999. Harley-Davidson hopes the interest in this new bike will help re-energize sales.

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