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4 WyoTech Female Grads Debut on All Girls Garage Show

This Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, watch All Girls Garage as it showcases four female WyoTech grads from Blairsville, Laramie and Fremont campuses. The girls are working together to create one solid jeep out of two damaged ones.

The co-host of All Girls Garage, Jessi Combs, is herself a WyoTech graduate!

The show airs at 11:30 a.m. (both Eastern and Pacific time) on the Velocity channel. It will air again on April 11 at 5:30 p.m. Please note that show times may vary depending on your service provider. For more information please visit:

Here is the host, the graduates, and the year they graduated:

  • Jessi Combs of Black Hills, Rapid City, S.D. (Host) — Graduated in 2004 from WyoTech’s Laramie campus
  • Shayna Mensch of Murrysville, Pa. — Graduated in 2012 from WyoTech’s Blairsville campus
  • Katie Pottle of Wanatah, Ind. – Graduated in 2010 from WyoTech’s Laramie campus
  • Melissa Woodburn of Eureka, Kan. – Graduated in 2011 from WyoTech’s Laramie campus
  • Ashley Birmingham of Concord, Calif. – Graduated in 2010 from WyoTech’s Fremont campus


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