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7 Really Expensive Car Repairs

Wrecked CarThere are two extremely dangerous, potentially fatal moments in any car crash. The first is the collision itself. The second is when you get the bill for the repairs.

With automotive technology becoming more and more complex, and vehicles themselves being made from increasingly exotic materials, the cost of repairing a car, SUV or light truck has climbed dramatically. Even a minor fender-bender today can result in a repair bill that runs into the thousands of dollars.

What are the most expensive parts of a car to repair or replace? That depends on the make and model of vehicle you’re talking about. But in general, here are seven of the most expensive repairs a car can require:

1. Drive Train. Replacing an engine and/or transmission can often cost as much as just buying a good used car. This is particularly true of higher-end luxury brands.

2. Rear Quarter. Collision repairs on a car’s rear quarter may not require particularly expensive parts, but the labor costs involved in completing the job right can be substantial.

3. Hoods. On some sports cars, such as the Dodge Viper, replacement hoods, which are made from exotic materials, can run as much as $10,000. That is about the price of the engine beneath it.

4. Computers. Onboard computers are designed to save you money by regulating fuel consumption, maintaining stability, etc. But when computers go wrong, they tend to go very wrong, and being sealed units, they usually need to be replaced entirely. Costs can run from $1,000 to $3,000.

5. Suspension. If your car’s suspension is knocked out of whack in a collision — or just from running over a deep pothole — prepare to hear your wallet cry. A typical suspension system consists of struts, springs, shock absorbers and linkage with ball joints, which together can cost $1,000 and up to repair and/or replace.

6. Heating/Cooling Systems. If you have a leaky radiator, you probably need to replace the entire unit. Add on the cost of replacing fluids — particularly air conditioning refrigerant — and the resulting bill easily could make your head explode.

7. Hybrid Batteries. Gas/electric hybrids come with their own set of repair challenges. One of the most expensive involves replacing a damaged lithium-ion battery unit. Prices for parts and labor hover around $3,000.

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* Source: U.S. Census — Motor Vehicle Accidents — 1990-2009:

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