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What It’s Like to Go to WyoTech

WyoTech ShopAre you curious about what it would be like to go to WyoTech? Safe to say, it would be like nothing you’ve done before. It’s an experience you’d be sure to remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Let’s take a look at how you’re likely to live, work and, yes, play, as a student at one of our WyoTech campuses.

Your Room. Two of our campuses – Laramie, Wyo., and Blairsville, Pa., – offer dormitory-style housing. At our other campuses, we can arrange for you to rent accommodations at nearby apartments. You’ll probably want a roommate to help keep costs down. We can help you with that, too.

Your Class Hours. Expect to spend about six and a half hours a day in class, Monday through Friday. Start and end times vary from campus to campus. Some of our campuses, such as Long Beach and Fremont, Calif., also offer evening and weekend classes for students who work during the day.

Your Classes. You will spend much of your time in WyoTech’s modern workshops, learning the tools of the trade. We believe in learning by doing, and you’re going to do a lot. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Your Instructors. This will be your chance to get to know some real industry pros. Take time to get to know them. Pick their brains. Get the benefit of their experience. You’ll be pleased with how much they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and the effort they’ll make to help you achieve your dreams.

Your Friends. Yes, your classmates will become your friends. It’s inevitable. They’re going to have the same passions you do. You’ll be spending many hours with them, and you’ll be working together on various projects. Don’t be surprised if some of them become friends for life.

After Hours. Each of our campuses offers a wholly different off-campus experience. Our Long Beach and Fremont and campuses are in large West Coast urban centers, offering all the dining and recreational amenities you’d expect in a big city. Blairsville is rural, but less than an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh and its attractions. Laramie, our flagship campus, is rural as well, but with an Old West flavor with lots to offer if you like hiking, fishing, boating and hunting in the great outdoors. Prefer surf and sand? Daytona is a legendary Florida beach community that also happens to be home to one of NASCAR’s top motor speedways.

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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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