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Why Train at WyoTech?

Why train at WyoTech? Consider the industry-focused programs and Career Services support. You train and graduate, and we commit to helping you land a job.

If you’re planning ahead for future success, education can play an important role. Many students have chosen to train at WyoTech for several reasons, which include:

  • WyoTech Programs Are Industry Focused — You’ll be able to apply what you learn in the classroom and on the shop floor to a real job. You learn what you need to know to develop entry-level job skills.
  • Instructors Who Know Their Programs — WyoTech instructors teach a focused curriculum. They can inspire you to achieve success. Their knowledge comes from having spent years working in their industry.
  • WyoTech Career Services Support — The Career Services team can help you write a cover letter and resume. You’ll develop confidence and skills through practice interviewing. Career Services will also provide job leads. Once you graduate and remain in good standing, you can always count on the support of Career Services.
  • Affordable Financial Aid — WyoTech can help you find an affordable financial aid package that’s right for you. A student finance planner can help you make sense of the myths surrounding financial aid, like not qualifying because your parents own a home or make a good income. Your student finance planner can discuss facts with you. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

WyoTech provides training in Automotive Technology,  Diesel Technology, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Motorsports Chassis Fabrication, High Performance Powertrains, Street Rod and Custom Fabrication, Plumbing Technology, Electrician, Motorcycle Technology and Marine Specialist.

You can start and finish your program in less time than you may think. You can then pursue other important things in your life.Success starts when you make the effort to contact us about our programs and class start dates. We’re happy to discuss the benefits of enrolling at WyoTech. A WyoTech education can help you better prepare for your future.
*Programs vary by campus.

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