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How to Get Your Power Boat Ready for Winter

Power Boat StorageIf you own a power boat, don’t wait until spring to perform annual maintenance. Getting your boat ready now before winter sets in is a better idea. You’ll not only avoid the spring rush at boat shops, but your boat will likely be in better shape come spring than it would be if you waited.

Here are five fall boat maintenance steps to perform within the next few weeks:

1. Thoroughly Clean the Exterior. Wash the hull and deck to remove pollutants and any corrosive chemicals. Over time, these can damage the wax or gel coats that protect your boat’s finish.

2. Stabilize or Drain the Gasoline. Summer gasoline blends contain ethanol, which deteriorates quickly and becomes corrosive. Cold temperatures just speed the process. By chemically stabilizing or, better yet, draining all the gas from your boat’s engine and fuel tanks, you can help avoid serious – and expensive – corrosion-related problems come spring.

3. Remove and Properly Store the Batteries. Remove all batteries, charge them to capacity, and then store them in a cool, dry place. If you have a traditional battery, make sure to top it off with water before charging.

4. Recharge the Batteries Monthly. Low temperatures naturally drain batteries, even if they’re not connected to anything. So try to charge the batteries monthly during the winter, especially during the coldest months.

5. Take Care of Any Needed Repairs Before Storing the Boat. If you know that any part of your boat needs to be repaired, take care of it now. Delaying maintenance until spring may make the situation worse, especially if parts of the engine are cracked or damaged, which can allow water to seep in.
Taking care of your boat in autumn can mean fewer headaches and more fun when it’s time to power up in the spring!

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