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Best Careers for the Zombie Apocalypse

ZombiesIf you watch AMC’s hit cult series “The Walking Dead,” you know life following the Zombie Apocalypse won’t be pretty. The infrastructure will collapse. Government will disappear. The military will be reduced to ruins. Hospitals, grocery stores, cell phone service? Gone, gone and gone. With millions of flesh-eating zombies roaming the earth in search of fresh brains, all we’ll have is our guns, the clothes on our backs and what skills we acquired before madness descended.

So what careers will be most in demand when the dead walk the earth?

In his best-selling novel (and soon to be major motion picture) “World War Z,” author Max Brooks imagines hundreds of thousands of Zombie War survivors hunkering down along America’s West Coast while what remains of the U.S. government prepares its last-ditch counter attack against the flesh-eating hoards. Civilians are drafted to perform basic services and keep what’s left of civilization operating.

Ironically, people who were previously among society’s elite and best paid are now the least valuable. These “moochers” include actors, agents, managers, CEOs and lawyers. They’re set to work digging ditches and performing basic manual labor.

Who are the most valued? People who can make things work. People like:

Electricians – Because modern civilization runs on electric current, and people who can keep the juice flowing are worth their weight in gold.

Plumbers – Because nothing is more critical to hygiene than running water and a functioning sewer system.

HVAC Specialists – Because they make it possible to live in inhospitable climates.

Auto Mechanics – Because motor transportation is key to moving people, supplies, food and raw materials.

If you’re concerned about your place following the Zombie Apocalypse – and who isn’t? – you can get the technical training you need to restore civilization at WyoTech, one of America’s leading technical trade schools.

Programs Offered at Six Campus

WyoTech offers a variety of vocational career programs at its six campuses across the United States.

Automotive Technology and other related automotive training programs are offered at WyoTech’s campuses in Blairsville, Pa., Laramie, Wyo., and Long Beach, Calif.

Electrician, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning training is offered at WyoTech’s three California campuses: Long Beach and Fremont.

Plumbing Technology career training is offered at WyoTech in Fremont and Long Beach.

All of these programs take about a year to complete. Classes are small and taught by industry professionals. You can get plenty of “hands-on” practice in modern workshop settings. And following graduation, WyoTech’s Career Services professionals can help transition you from school into the workplace.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

So get ready to fight the undead with professional training in one of these key (re)building trades at WyoTech. For more information, contact WyoTech today.

The valuable career training programs you’ll get at WyoTech can help you build a new and better life even if we’re not overwhelmed by flesh-eating zombies.

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