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WyoTech Can Train You for 3 of Forbes’ “20 Best Jobs”

WyoTech Teaches recently posted an article titled “20 Best Jobs That Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree.”1 WyoTech teaches three of those 20 jobs. And they’re not just in Forbes’ top 20. They’re in Forbes’ top 10.

Leading the list are electricians, which Forbes ranks as the fifth best job that doesn’t require a four-year degree. Quoting the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Forbes lists the national median salary for electricians as $49,320. The field has about 28,920 openings annually. Starting salaries are about $30,400 nationally.2

At position No. 6 are plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters. The national median salary is $47,750 with about 22,880 job openings per year. Starting salaries are about $28,300.3

In the No. 10 spot are heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installers, who earn approximately $43,380. Starting salaries begin around $26,810. There are currently some 13,750 job openings in this field. Income for HVAC installers starts at around $26,500.4

WyoTech offers its Electrician and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning career training programs at its campuses in Fremont and Long Beach. It offers Plumbing Technology career training programs at Fremont and Long Beach, only.

All three of these trades programs offer hands-on instruction by industry professionals. Students learn in a modern workshop setting using tools common to their respective industries. If you enroll in one of these career training programs, you can be through school and ready to enter the workforce in as little as nine months.

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If you’d like to prepare yourself for one of the best jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, contact WyoTech about electrician, plumbing or HVAC career training today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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