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Why Plumbers Cost So Much.

PlumberFor decades, homeowners have complained that plumbers charge too much. Plumbing seems too “low tech” to command the rates it commonly does. Plumbers don’t need college degrees. And it’s not like plumbing is all that hard to learn. Or is it?

In fact, there are many good reasons plumbers command the rates they do. (Nationally, the average plumber makes about $46,800 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even entry-level plumbers tend to make around $28,300 annually. In California, those numbers are $53,200 and $29,700, respectively.*) Here are five of those reasons:

1) Plumbing is an essential service. Modern American homes depend on reliable running water for to run bathroom faucets and showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines. Without running water, things can get uncomfortable fast. In the supply-and-demand equation, the demand side is very strong.

2) Plumbing can get complicated. Fixing a leaky faucet can be easy. You may even be able to do it yourself. But other plumbing jobs, like repairing blocked sewer lines, broken pipes or slab leaks, can be far more complicated that they initially appear. They require someone with both expertise and experience. A good plumber needs to be ready to address any situation.

3) Plumbers travel. Plumbers spend a lot of their day on the road traveling from job to job. Those hours, while unproductive, still need to be paid for. Plumbers’ hourly rates reflect this.

4) Plumbing needs to be done right…the first time. Plumbing may look like a simple activity, but it’s really an exacting craft that, like surgery, needs to be done right the first time. A leak or ruptured pipe can cause literally tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. When you’re paying a quality plumber, you’re paying for an advanced skill set – and peace of mind.

5) Plumbing takes years to learn. A plumber’s education often begins with a vocational training program. At school, plumbers learn the basic concepts and tools of their trade. After graduation, they usually enter an apprentice phase where they work under a master plumber, often for several years. Only after years of experience handling all manner of situations can a plumber be ready to go solo or manage others. When you pay a plumber, you’re paying for all that education and experience.

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