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A Day in the Life of an Auto Mechanic

If you’re enrolled in an auto mechanic program, or thinking about enrolling, you’re probably curious as to what you can expect from your new career after graduation.

A day in the life of many auto mechanics can be filled with challenges and problems to fix. But these represent an opportunity to learn and grow.

Here’s a typical (not set in stone) workday scenario for an auto mechanic,

1.  You arrive at the repair shop. Your day will usually start around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. The time you arrive usually depends on your role in the shop. The first order of business is to take a look at the scheduled jobs and tasks. You may also have to take a quick inventory of supplies and auto components and place an order if necessary.
2.  Throughout the day you’ll perform scheduled repairs and troubleshoot car problems on the telephone with customers. In addition, you may have to drop what you’re doing to greet customers walking through the front door. In time, you’ll become proficient at multitasking.
3.  The day may go by fast or slowly, depending on the workload. At the end of day it’s time to go home and relax. But you’ll have to police your area to make sure all tools have been put away and that your workstation is clean and ready for the following day. Tools left lying around can potentially cause injury.

If you work at an auto dealership, the daily work plan may be a bit more challenging, because you may have to interact more with customers. In either scenario, you’re likely to be presented with a list of tasks that are expected to be completed in an eight-hour day. So, the pace can often be quite fast.

If your career goal is to become an auto mechanic, WyoTech offers an Automotive Technology program where you can specialize in the following:

  • Advanced Automotive Diagnostics
  • Applied Service Management
  • Automotive-Diesel Combination
  • High Performance Powertrains
  • Light-Duty Diesel
  • Motorsports Chassis Fabrication
  • Street Rod and Custom Fabrication
  • Trim and Upholstery Technology

WyoTech campuses that offer the Automotive Technology Core include Blairsville, Laramie, Long Beach and  Fremont.

Contact WyoTech today and ask about what it takes to get the training needed to become an auto mechanic.

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