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Train to Become a Plumber in Long Beach – Enroll at WyoTech

If you’d like to train to become a plumber, you’ll be preparing for work in a respected industry. For some, working as a plumber has certain benefits, like working in different locations and being able to choose different hours.

For many journeyman plumbers, there’s a lot of pride in the professional level they’ve reached. The job stops being a “just a job” and becomes who they are.

WyoTech Long Beach’s Plumbing Technology program can help prepare you to work in a number of entry-level phases of the plumbing industry. Your training can help you develop the skills necessary to implement repairs and remodels in the residential and commercial industry.

It all starts in training-the type offered at WyoTech in Long Beach.

WyoTech’s Plumbing Technology diploma program offers instruction in:

  • Blueprints and isometrics
  • Potable water and gas piping systems
  • Drain waste and vent systems
  • Heating systems, service and repair, stoppage
  • Pipe work systems
  • Installation

Serious Hands-on Training

You get serious hands-on training when you enroll at WyoTech in Long Beach. You’ll learn a lot from your instructor, who has plenty of experience working in the field. What you learn in the classroom, you’re able to put in practice on the shop floor.

On graduation day, you’ll be qualified and ready to put your training and knowledge to the test in the workplace.
It can all begin when you contact WyoTech to learn more about our plumbing program and class start dates.

Programs vary by campus.

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