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Silicon Valley is Detroit West for Auto Developers

Driverless CarDetroit, Mich., may be the traditional heart of America’s auto industry, but its brain has moved 2,300 miles west to California’s Silicon Valley. Here, in the communities surrounding south San Francisco Bay, automakers from around the world have established offices to interface with America’s top software developers to push automotive technology into what many envision as a “Star Trek”-like future.

Carmakers that have set up offices in Silicon Valley over the last two decades include:

  • Mercedes-Benz (1995)
  • BMW (1998)
  • Volkswagen (1998)
  • Toyota (2001)
  • General Motors (2007)
  • Renault-Nissan (2011)

That’s not to mention the home offices of Silicon Valley natives Tesla, Mission Motors and Google’s autonomous car division.

So What’s Going On?

Basically, the entire auto industry appears to be moving toward a common set of development goals, all of which are heavily dependent on microprocessors and sophisticated computer software.

In the short term, these goals include:

  • Optimizing fuel consumption and engine performance
  • Increasing vehicle and passenger protection
  • Providing drivers and passengers with more information and entertainment options

The long-term goal appears to be the same for every automaker: To create a fully autonomous automobile. That is, a self-driving car. Such cars have been common features in near-future science-fiction movies like “Demolition Man” (1993) and “Minority Report” (2002), and recently successes by Google and BMW suggest that cars driven by computers and guided by GPS may be common in less than two decades, many industry experts have stated.

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