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Train at WyoTech to Work on Harley Davidsons

Harley-Davidson is a name known and respected the world over. And the brand is as popular today as it’s ever been. A Harley is a special bike! Harleys are about as American as America can get. There’s just something about the bike that represents the red, the white and the blue.

Harley-Davidson has been in business since the early 20th century and is still a major force in the motorcycle world. People experience a powerful sense of nostalgia, raw power and freedom when they ride a Harley. And there are enough Harley styles to please just about everyone’s taste. As a result, people from all walks of life are attracted to the Haley-Davidson mystique.

There’s another interesting thing to note about Harley bikes! When they’re in need of service or repair, owners avoid taking them to the corner service station. Harley bike owners seek out mechanics that are trained to work on Harleys.

If you’ve got a love for fixing things and would like to take your mechanical skills to the next level, contact WyoTech to learn more about its special Harley-Davidson motorcycle mechanic training that can prepare you to work on Harleys. This concentration is offered at WoTech’s Daytona and Fremont campuses.

You can learn about Harleys from the ground up. From assembly to disassembly to Big Twin and V-Rod. WyoTech’s Motorcycle Technology program can give you the training and confidence to know Harleys inside and out. And you can graduate with the skills to pursue a great entry-level job.

Contact WyoTech today to learn more about WyoTech’s programs and start dates.

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