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How to Make a Good Decision – 4 Proven Ways

We’re all faced with making what seems like endless decisions each day.

And we all ask ourselves  questions like, “What clothes will I wear today? What do I want for dinner? Should I get the car brakes fixed this week or wait until next week? Should I take a vacation now or later?” Endless decisions!

And we’ve all been faced with making a decision too quickly, making the wrong decision, or not making a decision soon enough.

While time will tell if you’ve made the right decision, you’re in the present, and knowing how to make the best decision for your own circumstances can go a long way in helping you realize success at anything you attempt.

Here’s how you can do it.

1.   Pay attention to your instincts. Your instincts can work really well. Just remember not to let your instincts boss you around. When you arrive at a decision, stop and ask yourself, “Why did I think I like that?” or “Why am I feeling this way?”

2.   Consider your alternatives. There are always alternative solutions. Dig deeper for information and talk things over with people whose opinion you respect.

3.  Rephrase questions you ask yourself. Asking the right questions can often lead to finding the right answers. Whatever your concern, approach the challenge in two or three different ways. Sometimes forcing yourself to respond to a question differently makes it easier to come up with different solutions.

4.   Remember both your wins and losses. Always separate yourself from the moment and look back over any similar decisions you’ve made. Distance can often give perspective.

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