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Daimler Destroys 300 SL Replica

Mercedes 300SL ReplicaWhen does car customization become copyright violation? At least in Europe, it’s when you copy the shape and form of an automotive classic.

Creating fiberglass replicas of famous car bodies is nothing new. For decades, car buffs have built spot-on replicas of out-of-production vehicle shells to place on contemporary chassis. But when it comes to replicating a classic Mercedes, look out. Daimler AG is highly protective of its designs, even those no longer used in its production vehicles.

Recently, German Customs found a fiberglass Mercedes-Benz 300 SL replicate being shipped into the country. Created in 1952 as a race car, the 300 SL become a production vehicle in 1954. Production of the car, with its distinctive “gullwing” doors, continued until 1963. In all, 3,258 300 SLs were built. Today, the car is a high-priced collector’s item with well-preserved originals routinely fetching $600,000 or more on the open market.

Sensitive to their land’s most famous car maker’s interests, German Customs alerted Daimler AG in Stuttgart. Claiming that the design is “a work of applied art” that remains under copyright, Daimler took possession of the shell and destroyed it in an industrial crusher.

A photo chronicle on the car body’s destruction can be found here:

What can we take away from this event? Creating customized cars is a wonderful occupation, but just make sure the designs you create don’t belong to someone else!

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