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JD Power Rates Auto Dependability for 2012

JD Power & AssociatesJ.D. Power and Associates has released its 2012 list of the most dependable auto brands sold in the United States. Power surveyed more than 31,000 U.S. owners of 2009 model-year vehicles, tracking the number of problems reported for 32 brands over the last three years. Lexus leads the list with the fewest problems: 86 per 100. Chrysler is dead last with 192 problems reported for every 100 2009 model-year vehicles on the road.

Automakers showed an overall improvement in their scores this year compared to last, with owners reporting an average 132 problems per 100 vehicles, 13 fewer than the year before.

Here’s the complete list, comparing brands to problems reported per 100 vehicles:

Lexus 86
Porsche 98
Cadillac 104
Toyota 104
Scion 111
Mercedes-Benz 112
Lincoln 116
Ford 124
Buick 125
Hyundai 125
Acura 129
Honda 131
Chevrolet 135
Volvo 143
Audi 148
Smart 148
Subaru 149
Nissan 152
Mitsubishi 153
BMW 154
GMC 158
MINI 161
Mazda 163
Suzuki 167
Kia 169
Volkswagen 169
Infiniti 172
Jaguar 172
Ram 174
Jeep 179
Dodge 183
Chrysler 192

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