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Future Car Materials

Car of the FutureWhat will “cars of the future” be made from? For more than 100 years, car bodies have traditionally been made from sheet steel. But steel is heavy, and tomorrow’s automobiles need to be as lightweight as possible to improve their fuel efficiency.

Here are some of the materials that are already making their way into commercial auto bodies, as well as more exotic ones we may expect to see used in the years ahead:

Duralumin — Also known as duraluminum, this material is aluminum fused with copper, manganese and magnesium. Invented in 1903, duralumin is much lighter than steel but has greater strength than pure aluminum. However, duralumin components usually need a thin aluminum outer coat to help prevent corrosion.

Fiberglass — Fiberglass is a form of plastic reinforced with thin strands of glass. Commonly used for sports cars — the Chevrolet Corvette has had a fiberglass body for decades — the material’s light weight and significant strength make it ideal for helping meet high fuel efficiency standards.

Carbon Fiber — Carbon fiber is the popular term for carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. Usually this refers to epoxy reinforced with carbon fibers, although additional materials such as Kevlar®, aluminum or glass fibers may also be used. In terms of sophistication, carbon fiber is several steps up from fiberglass, which is an older technology. Five times stronger than steel, carbon fiber is commonly used in sports equipment that needs to be both light and durable. Used for auto bodies, carbon fiber is relatively expensive, but its strength, toughness and light weight have made it increasingly popular with 21st century automotive engineers.

Carbon Nanotubes — Nanotubes, which is literally tubes with walls just a few atoms thick, represent the newest trend in construction technology. Amazingly strong and lighter than any of the other materials discussed above, carbon nanotubes may be exotic today, but they are likely to become as common as plastic in the construction of cars, trucks, aircraft, ships and even spacecraft by the mid-21st century.

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