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Cars of the Future – What to Expect in the Next 20 Years

Any 20th century vision of the 21st century urban landscape inevitably included flying cars. Well, any hopes for a Jetsons-style flying saucer or Back to the Future-inspired hover conversion now seem pretty dim. But far-sighted automotive engineers in Detroit, Japan, Germany and Silicon Valley in California are currently cooking up some high-tech car features that still look pretty darn cool.

Here are eight future car features you can expect to see over the next two decades:

Collision Avoidance

1. Collision Avoidance Systems — Blind-spot warning systems are already available on some cars. Expect to see the power of computer/radar-assisted collision avoidance systems grow rapidly while costs plummet. The way things are going, in 20 years, the only way to have an accident will be to have one on purpose.

Blind Spot Camera

2. Bye-Bye Blind Spots — And speaking of blind-spots, expect your car-of-the-future to be equipped with computer-aided camera systems that give you a clear 360-view of your surroundings. Parallel parking will have never been easier.

Self-Parking Car

3. Computer-Aided Parking — And speaking of parallel parking, the auto-parking capabilities of some high-end cars are likely to become familiar options — if not standard equipment — on most cars in all categories.

Auto Night Vision

4. Night Vision — Infrared night-vision displays are already available on some top-tier Mercedes and BMW models. As the technology matures and prices drop, expect this to be another valuable safety feature on many models in all price categories.

Voice Control

5. Voice-Activated Everything — The kind of voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) found in Apple’s “Siri” personal assistant will be present in virtually all cars in coming years, only boosted by a power of 10. Everything from temperature control to choosing radio stations to setting navigation routes will be done by voice. Woe to the driver with laryngitis.

In-Car Wi-Fi

6. Wi-Fi — Many experts predict that within just five years, 25 percent of new cars will be connected to the Internet. And with voice-activated AI, you won’t have to control your interface by hand. In the future, cars may not fly, but at least you’ll be able to call up YouTube videos when stuck in traffic.

Car Train
7. Car Trains — Okay, now things start to get really cool. Internet connectivity and GPS navigation will allow cars to communicate with each other and form multi-vehicle “car trains,” groups of vehicles that travel together toward a joint destination. The benefit of a computer-aided “car train” is that the vehicles involved will be able to travel safely with minimal distance between them, thus freeing up freeway space and relieving traffic congestion.

Driverless Car
8. Driverless Cars — Finally, we can look forward to the day when we tell our cars where to go and they take us there via computer control. Google has already built a driverless car that’s traveled 200,000 miles autonomously. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt recently stated that the driverless car is “closer than you think.” Getting ahead of the curve, some states including Nevada have already started implementing regulations for the operation for such vehicles. So what will you do when not driving your driverless car? Well, there’s always YouTube.

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