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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Auto Technician

automechanic1.JPGAmerica is a land of do-it-yourselfers. Chain stores like Home Depot, Fry’s Electronics and NAPA Auto Parts cater to the millions of us who like to do home repairs, computer upgrades and automobile maintenance with our own two hands.

But while doing-it-yourself can save money and be a big ego boost, when it comes to complicated systems like modern cars and trucks, it often pays to leave such work to trained professionals.

Here are five reasons why you should consider using a professional automotive technician the next time your vehicle needs work beyond a simple oil change:

1. Modern Cars Are Rolling Computers In today’s cars and trucks, virtually every component is controlled or connected to a computer chip. It takes training and experience to know how this advanced technology functions, not to mention how it’s repaired and maintained.

2. Small Problems May Hide Bigger Ones The complexity of today’s vehicles means systems are often interrelated in ways amateur mechanics may not appreciate. A minor problem in one area could be hiding a major problem in another. Again, it often takes a trained professional to catch subtle clues that can help head off small problems before they become big ones.

3. You Need Specialized (and Expensive) Tools – Gone are the days you could handle most auto repairs with the contents of a common tool box. Today, you need special electronic gear to diagnose a vehicle’s condition. If repairs are needed, more high-tech tools may be needed to do the job. Only a professional repair shop is going to have these tools on hand. And only a pro is going to know how to use them.

4. Keeping Current Requires Ongoing Education – Automotive technology changes rapidly. Do you have the time or any easy way to stay current on these changes? Professional auto technicians are required to take regular re-training courses to stay current on the latest products and technologies.

5. Errors Can Be Costly If you make a mistake attempting to fix your car yourself, correcting that mistake could very well cost more than if you had a professional technician do the job in the first place. It’s usually better to be safe than sorry.

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