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Learn to Run an Auto Repair Shop at WyoTech in Long Beach

Auto Shop ManagerEver dream of managing an auto shop? Or even someday owning a shop of your own? Understand that running an automobile service facility, repair shop or an auto parts store requires a combination of skills. You need to know how to operate a small business, you need an expert knowledge of the products and services you offer, and you need to be able to manage both employees and customers. Such skills take time and dedication to develop.

If you would someday like to run your own shop, you can start to get the skills you need at WyoTech in Long Beach, Calif. WyoTech’s Applied Service Management specialty, offered as part of its Automotive Technology program, is specifically designed to help students like you get the knowledge, training and experience you need to start on an auto shop management career.

In addition to learning the basics of automotive technology, you can learn how to work in and manage an auto service facility from instructors with years of actual industry experience. Topics covered in WyoTech’s Applied Service Management program include:

  • Developing business plans
  • OSHA standards
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Record keeping
  • Service writing
  • Job costing
  • Budgeting
  • Employee management
  • How to find financing and investors

These skills are particularly valuable because they can be applied to a wide variety of businesses, even those outside the automotive industry.

After Graduation

After graduation, you can get support from WyoTech’s career services representatives, who can help you write your first resumé, set up job interviews and prepare to present yourself to prospective employers. As a first step toward shop management (or ownership) careers, many graduates of WyoTech’s Applied Service Management specialty go on to get entry-level jobs as:

  • Service writers
  • Service advisors
  • Shop managers
  • Parts managers

About the Long Beach Campus

WyoTech’s Long Beach campus is located at 2161 Technology Place in central Long Beach, Calif., just off Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), approximately two miles south of the San Diego Freeway (I-405) and just east of the Terminal Island Freeway (Highway 103). The campus occupies two large, modern buildings that house the school’s classrooms and large, modern automotive workshop.

For more information on the Automotive Technology program and Applied Service Management specialty, contact WyoTech today!

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