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Got Good Mechanical Skills and Looking for a Trades Program?

If you love using tools and fixing cars, machines or equipment, there’s a good possibility WyoTech has a trades program that can train you for an entry-level career in one of the following industries: automotive, diesel, collision refinishing, motorcycle, marine, plumbing, electrical, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Everyone has a different set of talents and skills. And WyoTech can help match what you love doing with a trades program that’s a good career fit for your workforce dreams and goals.

What’s WyoTech Training Like?

Whether you choose to train for any of the above industries, WyoTech takes a hands-on the same approach to help train you for the industries mentioned above. Every instructor has experience in their field and can help you benefit in the classroom and on the shop floor.

Sure, there may be a few challenging class or shop days where it seems like the clock is broken and the day will never end. However, many of our students adjust quickly to the fast pace on the shop floor. Having instructors with real-world knowledge and experiences can help accelerate a student’s learning process. For many students, time flies, and each completed hour means they’re closer to graduation day at WyoTech.

Our goal is to graduate you with the skills and confidence employers expect from new employees. If you have mechanical skills and talents, WyoTech can help you take them to the next level – the job market. We’ll support you every step of the way, from writing an effective cover letter and resume to tips on how to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Contact WyoTech today and ask about our programs, support, training and campus locations.

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