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Toyota Offers Glimpse into Auto Technology’s Future

Toyota Fun ViiToyota Motor Corp. recently released a video that depicts where automotive technology might be a decade or two from now. This fanciful, special effects-driven mini-movie follows a young, affluent couple as they drive from home to work, and to shopping and evening entertainment in their “Toyota of the future.” In addition to being all-electric, the futuremobile is chock full of high-tech extras that project all manner of computer-enhanced information on the windshield, turn the interior into a virtual disco parlor and even allow the driver to change the car’s color on demand.

You can see the complete video here:

Of course, these kinds of “life in the future” videos should always be taken with a large grain of salt. (Similar industrial films from the 20th century are today often laughable.) But the Toyota video does give us a glimpse into what today’s automotive designers and engineers are thinking about. Who knows, in 2030, we may actually be able to turn our car into a rolling Jumbotron.

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