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Guyana Native Wins Scholarship Award from WyoTech in Long Beach

Overcoming extraordinary challenges and enhancing life’s opportunities through education is always worthy of proclaiming to the world.

Orin Arthur, a recent graduate from the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program at WyoTech in Long Beach has come a long way to fulfill the dream of getting an education. He was selected as the 2011 winner of WyoTech’s Dream Award. The award recognizes the accomplishments of graduates who complete a post-secondary education while overcoming extraordinary challenges.

Arthur is a former reconnaissance specialist for the Guyana Defense Force, an honor bestowed for having defended his native nation from opposing forces. After leaving the military, Arthur pursued a career in construction and worked hard for 11 years to learn all aspects of the trade. Looking to improve the quality of life, he set his sights on the United States and landed a job at Walmart where his commitment to excellence and hard work was further demonstrated.

Feeling the need to find a career niche in a troubled economy, Arthur enrolled in the HVAC program at WyoTech in Long Beach where he maintained perfect attendance and excelled in his studies. Arthur readily stayed after class and came in early to assist his classroom peers.

While at WyoTech, Arthur was a positive role model, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and working diligently to help the less fortunate at every opportunity. Arthur’s hard work and diligence were well worth the effort! He is now on track with his HVAC career and is employed by a global engineering, construction and services company, Kellogg Brown and Root. Arthur works on military operations inside Iraqi military bases.

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