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Women Can Shine in Automotive Careers

If you’ve been to an auto shop, automotive parts store, tire shop or a dealership recently, there’s a strong likelihood you’ve been greeted by a woman at the counter or on the shop floor.

Women and men who attend automotive tech schools can acquire tremendous skills through combined hands-on training and classroom learning. Many of these students find fulfilling work in the automotive industry, and some go on to land great jobs in top positions of the automotive world.

Automotive tech schools now offer an assortment of programs that can prepare students to work in numerous automotive career field niches. Today’s automotive craftsmen have lifted respect for the industry to a whole new level beyond mere wrench turning and troubleshooting.

The truth is women are passionate about a lot of automotive things. And there’s no reason why an automotive career should be just a dream and not a reality. The education is out there! But before deciding on a particular calling, you should spend quality time checking out schools of interest and the programs they offer.

host of Spike TV’s “PowerBlock.” As an author of her own book, titled “The Garage Girl’s Guide,”

You can never tell where you passions will lead. Check out Courtney Hansen’s accomplishments and learn more about her present job as she reveals her passion for the automotive industry and about the important role that women can play in it.

Here’s an episode on PowerBlock TV starring Courtney Hansen.

Learn more about what Courtney Hansen has to say about women and the automotive field.

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