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Exotic Watercraft Look Like Dolphins, Orcas and Sharks

SeabreacherWhen men began to design flying machines, they looked to birds for inspiration. Now, a Redding, Calif.-based company is also turning to nature’s creatures to model new modes of transportation, in this case hybrid speedboat/submarines.

Innerspace Productions has so far produced three advanced watercrafts modeled after large marine mammals. The first, unveiled in 2010, was the Seabreacher X, which was modeled after dolphins. This summer, they premiered the Seabreacher Y, which is the size, shape and color of a small orca (killer whale).  A third Seabreacher is modeled on a great white shark.

These high-speed watercrafts are two-seater “submersibles,” meaning they can dive underwater but cannot stay under for prolonged periods like actual submarines. They are also capable of “breaching” like the marine animals they were modeled after, launching themselves 16 feet out of the water before slamming back to the surface.

The killer whale-style Seabreecher Y is powered by an upgraded 300hp electric engine and has a maximum surface speed of 55 mph. It retails for approximately $86,000.

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