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What Kind of Work do Electricians Do?


In a society powered by electricity, there are many ways professional electricians can ply their trade. Here are the three main types of electricians, and the work they do.

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Formal Training is Key to Starting a Career in Diesel Technology


Completing a formal Diesel Technology training program is key to launching a career in this competitive and demanding field, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Such a program is available from WyoTech in Laramie, Wyo.

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Ready to Present Your Automotive Skills to the World?


To service today’s sophisticated vehicles, employees must have a firm understanding of everything under the hood of a vehicle

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WyoTech Takes a Different Approach to Electrical Training


On the shop floor and in the classroom, WyoTech students are given a unique range of training features that distinguishes the program and its students.

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Become Skilled in Marine Technology


If you’re looking for an exciting career that can make good use of your mechanic skills, enrolling in WyoTech’s Marine Specialist program can give you the knowledge and confidence needed to maintain and repair yachts, commercial fishing boats, cabin cruisers and more.

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Collision/Refinishing – Become a Professional Who Delivers Polished Results


Enroll in the Collision/Refinishing Technology program at WyoTech and get the training that can help you launch an exciting career in the field of collision refinishing.

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The WyoTech Lifestyle


So what it is like to go to WyoTech? Here is a glimpse of the WyoTech lifestyle.

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Axes & Axles Education Workshop


POMONA, CA — On Friday, January 28, The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California and WyoTech are proud to present the first Axes & Axles educational workshop on cars and guitars in conjunction with the Museum’s newest exhibit, Axes & Axles:

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Automotive News – January 13, 2011


The North American International Auto Show opens in Detroit. AutoWeek names its “Best of the Best” for 2011. Toyota looks to power cars with laptop batteries. These and other stories of interest in this week’s Automotive News.

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Learn the Fine Art of European Motorcycle Technology at WyoTech in Daytona Beach


WyoTech in Daytona Beach, Florida, offers a European Specialty concentration as part of its Motorcycle Technology training program.

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