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What It Takes to be an Auto Shop Manager

Auto Shop ManagerRunning an automobile shop offers many obvious benefits. As an auto shop manager, you get to work with a range of auto brands and models. You may even be lucky enough to work on a luxury performance car you may never be able to actually afford. As a manager, you will likely have a key role in choosing the technicians you’ll work with. You can set your own hours, and you may also be able to influence the purchase of high-end equipment that helps everyone do a better job with less effort.

But being an auto shop manager has its downside, too. It requires a good head for numbers. You need to responsibly manage large amounts of cash. You have to pay bills. As manager, you will often have to serve as referee with employees battling over any number of conflicts, whether real or perceived. You will need to establish and enforce work schedules, help train new employees, make sure that all equipment is properly maintained and, all the while, ensure the facility’s operations remains strong and profitable.

Obviously, being an auto shop manager is not for everyone. But it may be right for you if you possess the following:

Education and Training — You need a high level of training in the basics of automotive technology. You also need to be trained on a variety of common automobile types ranging from domestic sedans to European luxury coupes and Japanese hybrid vehicles. In addition to the technical side of the auto trade, you also need to be trained on the business side. This includes taking such courses as:

  • Business Principles
  • Shop Management
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Computers and Business Applications
  • Communications

You’ll also need to learn how to recruit quality personnel, market your services to potential customers, and know where to find financing to help your business grow.

Communications Skills and Strategies — As an auto shop manager, you’ll find that mechanical skills alone are not enough. You also need to developed sharp communications and “people” skills. Internally, you need to develop ways to criticize, correct and praise employees while you gain their respect and loyalty. You also need to be able to interface smoothly with customers and suppliers, even when their moods aren’t the best.

Get Your Service Manager Education at WyoTech
You can get the technical education you need at WyoTech for entry-level management positions. Offered at its Blairsville. Pa.; Laramie, Wyo.; Long Beach, Calif., and  Fremont, Calif. campuses, the Applied Service Management specialty is taught as part of the larger Automatic Techology program.

WyoTech’s Applied Service Management concentration is targeted specifically to meet the needs of future facility managers and shop owners. Over nine months, students learn about:

  • OSHA standards and regulations
  • Service writing and job costing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business plan development
  • Business communication and leadership skills

This is all in addition to the school’s Automotive Technology courses, which include hands-on training in basic engine management systems, drivability diagnostics, drivetrain systems and chassis.
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