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Plumbers Rock! Enroll in WyoTech’s Long Beach Plumbing Technology Program

Plumbers are the guys and gals who specialize in installing and repairing pipes that carry sewage waste, gas, water and wastewater. Obviously, the plumbing profession isn’t for everyone.

There can be long work hours and the work has been known to be physical and dirty on occasion. And there’s always the likelihood that a work order has to be completed in a foul-smelling environment.

We’ll, for those who don’t mind an occasional bruised knuckle and crawling into cramped spaces, WyoTech’s Plumbing Technology program at its Long Beach campus can get you prepared with the training you need to successfully perform plumbing repairs and remodels along with new construction in the residential and commercial industry.

Hand-on training at the Long Beach campus is comprehensive, and includes instruction in the following areas:

  • Blueprints and isometrics
  • Potable water and gas piping systems
  • Drain waste and vent systems
  • Heating systems, service and repair and stoppages

We’ll also work hard to help you develop the reasoning and problem-solving skills that are essential to the plumbing field. Upon graduation from the Plumbing Technology program, students should possess the skills needed to pursue entry-level employment as a plumber, pipe layer or pipe fitter.

But your skills won’t be just limited to these professions. Success is all about your willingness to get the initial training, the conditions of your local economy, your personal commitment and plain old hard work.

Contact WyoTech’s Long Beach campus today to learn more about what it takes to enroll in our Plumbing Technology program.

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