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Harley Davidson – Train to Work on One of the World’s Most Famous Brands

When William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson produced their very first motorcycle in 1903, little could they have imagined how famous their names and their motorcycle would eventually become.

Whatever reason for creating their bikes, they couldn’t have possibly known that a dynasty was being created that would go on to become a 21st century icon. It was 1909 that the V-Twin engine was created, and the legend of Harley-Davidson was cemented.

Today, there’s a fierce brand loyalty that is heavily linked to American society. An entire lifestyle has been created around the Harley-Davidson name. You see the loyalty in body tattoos, posters, clothing, media and emblems across America and in many parts of the world.

Interested in becoming a motorcycle technician that’s qualified to work on and repair Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

WyoTech in Daytona offers a Motorcycle Technology program designed to provide students with the technical skills to diagnose, service and repair motorcycles. After completing this program, students have the option of enrolling in the Harley-Davidson concentration, where disassembly, inspection and assembly of Big Twins and V-Rod engines is emphasized.

Interested in learning more? Why not contact WyoTech’s Daytona campus to find out how you can get the training that can help lay the groundwork for a career working on one of the world’s most famous bikes — Harley-Davidson.

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