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Education, Experience Can Be Keys to Keeping a Job, Survey Suggests

WyoTechWe know that most employers seriously consider an applicant’s education and experience when hiring for a new job. But in a difficult economy such as this, education and experience can also be the most important factors in keeping the job you already have, according to the 2011 Job Survival Survey recently conducted by Harris Interactive.

The survey of nearly 1,200 adults had experience (24 percent) and education (15 percent) ranked highest for staying employed in a volatile job market. Other factors, ranked in order of importance, were working longer hours (9 percent), additional training and professional development (8 percent), networking and good relationships with co-workers (7 percent each), accepting less pay and a good work attitude (6 percent each), and interaction with the boss (3 percent).

WyoTech Offers Career Education in Various Technical Fields

If you’re interested in a new career, WyoTech may provide the education you need to pursue the kind of job you want. WyoTech is one of the leading schools in the country for training technicians to work in the fields of automotive, motorcycle and marine technology, as well as the electrician, plumbing and HVAC building trades. The school is recognized by many major employers throughout the United States for the quality of its programs and its graduates. Its hands-on training in modern workshop environments, taught by seasoned industry professionals, provides students with the experience they need to qualify for entry-level positions in their fields of study. This experience may also be key to holding that position when opportunities contract.

For more information on WyoTech’s career education programs, including schedules, costs and entrance requirements, contact WyoTech today.

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