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Passion for American Street Rods Finds Fans Half a World Away

Indian Hot RodCustom car fabrication may be most closely associated with the hot rod cultures of America’s East and West coasts, but that hasn’t stopped one Indian car enthusiast from opening his country’s first street rod business. A 29-year-old Delhi-based entrepreneur who goes by the single name “Hradyesh” has opened “Morris Street,” a custom street rod manufacturing company he hopes will attract customers throughout India.

“Street rods are all handmade and custom fitted from the high performance suspension to the engine, chassis, air conditioning, gearbox, all according to the owner’s choice. The owner can drive a car that reflects his personality, attitude and identity,” Hradyesh said to “All street rods are single, unique and a masterpiece. There is no technical replication. It is very exclusive and unique, the only one created as per the owner’s requirements. Street rod is a concept with a retro look. The best part of it is branding your car as per your own choice.”

Prices for Hradyesh’s street rods reportedly range from about $6,000 all the way up to a maximum $500,000 (in American dollars).

A Career in Street Rod Fabrication

If street rods are your passion, you can train for a career customizing automotive works of art with WyoTech’s Street Rod and Custom Fabrication program, as part of the Collision/Refinishing Technology career education program. The specialty program is available at WyoTech’s Blairsville, Pa., campus.

In addition to the Collision/Refinishing Technology’s core curriculum, you’ll learn the use of basic hand tools and specialized equipment like the English wheel, power hammer, bead roller and louver press. Our custom paint training will cover the application of specialized finishes like pearls and candies. Techniques will be taught for special effects, including the layout and design of graphics.

About the Blairsville Campus

Opened in 2002, WyoTech’s Blairsville campus continues to build on 40 years of automotive excellence that is the WyoTech tradition. Our modern 265,000 square-foot facility, set on 37 acres in beautiful Western Pennsylvania, offers hands-on training in the fields of automotive technology, diesel technology and collision/refinishing technology. Our instructors are all industry professionals who are eager to help launch you on a new road to career success and satisfaction.

For more information about WyoTech’s Street Rod and Custom Fabrication specialty program, contact WyoTech today!

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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