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OC Chopper’s Custom Motorcycle Build for WyoTech is On!

Tim and Thor! Fitting names for two WyoTech warriors who visited New York at OC Choppers headquarters adding their skills and talents in a custom bike build for WyoTech that will be featured for an upcoming episode of “American Chopper” on the Discovery Channel.

The two students are involved at a crucial stage of the build: the bike’s metal fabrication. They then passed the torch to two more WyoTech students – Charley and Mathew – for the bike’s final assembly.

OC Choppers is renowned throughout the industry for its long history of producing exceptional craftsmanship. And the WyoTech students are thrilled to be working with an industry legend, Paul Teutul, Sr., founder and CEO of OC Choppers. Tim and Thor gained key insights into the techniques OC Chopper shop technicians use to fabricate and weld at such a high professional level. OC Chopper shop technicians are among the top craftsmen in their field—and the bikes they design and build prove it.

Stay tuned! Here’s more information on the OC Chopper/WyoTech bike build.

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