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Power Your Automotive Career with High Power Performance Power Train Education at WyoTech

High Performance PowertrainAmerican drivers are famous for their love of power. From the drag racers of the 1950s and 1960s to Detroit’s “muscle cars” of the 1970s and today’s HEMI-powered trucks and SUVs, America’s love affair with horsepower has survived catalytic converters, oil shocks and even hybridization. To an American driver, a high-performance engine is a symbol of strength and power. To an American auto technician, a high-performance power train is a work of art to be treated with all the skill and respect one can muster.

At WyoTech’s campus in Blairsville, Pa., you can learn the science and craft of high-performance power trains as taught by seasoned industry professionals. WyoTech’s High Performance Power Trains specialty program is designed especially for students who aspire to work professionally on high-performance vehicles, be they automobiles, light trucks or SUVs. Taught as part of WyoTech’s Automotive Technology program, the High Performance Power Trains specialty program helps qualify students to find entry-level positions in auto dealerships, auto maintenance facilities and companies that specialize in aftermarket research and development.

What You’ll Learn

When you take WyoTech’s High Performance Power Trains specialty program, you will get to work on actual power train systems from a variety of domestic and foreign manufacturers, all in a modern workshop setting. You will get training in:

  • Engine block design
  • Rotating and reciprocating assemblies
  • Performance camshaft and valve train variations
  • Fuel injection management systems
  • Ignition control systems
  • Systems upgrades
  • Electronic engine management systems
  • Computer reprogramming and calibration for outcome parameters
  • Modifications and power train tuning for improved performance
  • Chassis dynamometer verification of performance outcomes

Upon graduation, WyoTech’s Career Services team can help you identify and contact local employers, as well as develop your professional resume and rehearse effective interviewing techniques. Since 1966, tens of thousands of WyoTech graduates have gone on to successful careers in the automotive industry, helping to establish WyoTech as one of America’s premier automotive training schools.

About the Blairsville Campus

Opened in 2002, WyoTech’s Blairsville campus continues to build on 40 years of automotive excellence that is the WyoTech tradition. Our modern 265,000 square-foot facility, set on 37 acres in beautiful Western Pennsylvania, offers hands-on training in the fields of automotive technology, diesel technology and collision/refinishing technology. Our instructors are all seasoned professionals who are eager to help launch you on a new road to career success and satisfaction.

For more information about WyoTech’s High Performance Power Trains specialty program, contact WyoTech today!
Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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