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WyoTech’s Long Beach Campus Offers Automotive Technology Training

If you’ve got an itch to get under the hood of a car and fix something…anything, then enrolling in the Automotive Technology program at WyoTech in Long Beach can help put you one step closer to your career goals.

Working on today’s cars requires a different kind of mechanic than that of yesteryear. There’s a lot of science and technology that goes into the sophisticated cars that rule the road today.

Students at WyoTech get to work in modern facilities with many of the equipment and tools they’ll find in the workplace. Using these tools allow our students to explore everything imaginable under the hood of a car.

Here’s what students learn in class:

  • Basic Electrical Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Manual Drive Trains
  • Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
  • And more

You learn in class and then get to demonstrate your skills on the shop floor!
You also get to learn under instructors who know the subject matter like the back of their hands.

They’re tough! You’ll work hard each day, but graduating from WyoTech with Automotive Technology training under your belt can be the key that will help unlock the door to a whole new array of employment possibilities in the world of automotive maintenance.

Why not check us out?

Contact a WyoTech campus representative today and find out more about how our Automotive Technology program can get your career options up to cruising speed.

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