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Diesel Technology Training in Blairsville

Diesel Applications

Diesel engines are still the most powerful and efficient internal combustion engines in the world, providing power for an immense and far-reaching range of applications. Just take a look around! You’ll see diesel technology hard at work every day across the American landscape.

Diesel engines move a large percentage of the nation’s freight tonnage. Nearly all the trucks you see on the highway, locomotives pulling freight cars, and commercial marine vessels you’ll find on the open seas are powered by mighty diesel engines. Diesel also plays an immense role in transporting people. The majority of city transit buses across the nation are powered by diesel engines.

While most people may not have an opportunity or a reason to visit a farm, approximately two-thirds of the energy to run today’s farms is believed to be diesel. Construction machinery used to build roads and bridges, along with much of the technology used in the mining business employ diesel technology to keep the wheels of progress turning.

There are critical components of the nation’s infrastructure like hospitals, airports, water treatment and communication systems scattered across the country that rely on back-up generators powered by diesel. Within 10 seconds of a power failure, a diesel generator can kick on and provide back-up electrical power.

Interested in getting the training that will allow you to work in the diesel technology field?

WyoTech Training

WyoTech’s Diesel Technology program in Blairsville offers training in the following courses:

  • dEngine Management Systems and Refrigeration
  • Fluid Power and Electrical Systems
  • Engines
  • Power Trains

A great benefit in training at WyoTech is that your instructors are able to bring real-world knowledge and experiences to the classroom each day. Class regimen can be demanding, but having the skills to compete from day one on the job makes it all worthwhile.

Contact WyoTech in Blairsville today to find out more about how you can jump-start a career in the diesel technology field through comprehensive hands-on training and access to instructors who will challenge you to be the best that you can be.

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