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Is There a Growing Need for Diesel Mechanics?

It’s a fact that millions of baby boomers are nearing retirement. A good portion of today’s diesel mechanics is baby boomers. The retirement age for many of these mechanics will be between 2011 and 2030.

According to Transport Topics, there may be a severe diesel mechanic shortage between now and 2014. And this is critical information, because diesel technicians work on anything from industrial and farm equipment, to buses, trucks and cars.

Diesel mechanics are hard working professionals, and are tasked with maintaining, diagnosing and repairing the problem. Because they’re expensive to replace, diesel engines are usually rebuilt rather than replaced. Depending upon the application, this may occur at anywhere between one hundred thousand and one million miles. At this stage, the diesel engine is either in-frame overhauled or removed from the vehicle. If removed, it is taken completely apart and the worn parts are replaced.

Sound like fascinating work and a career field you’d like to be part of?

At WyoTech, we’ll teach you diesel engine design, theory, engine performance, cooling systems, lubrication systems, power train principles and much more. And a great benefit of training at WyoTech is access to the knowledge of instructors who are working professionals in the field they teach.

We also endeavor to make sure that our students are well versed in the interviewing process so they can make a good first impression. We also work with students in helping them build an effective resume and cover letter. We’re committed to their success.

Contact WyoTech today to learn more about our Diesel Technology program, and how enrolling might become the career-changer you’ve been looking for.

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