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What Kind of Work do Electricians Do?

ElectricianIn a society powered by electricity, there are many ways professional electricians can ply their trade. Although most electricians are trained in certain basic skills, personal talents, ambitions, abilities, temperaments and job opportunities tend to cause them to eventually choose a specialty in which they can best grow and prosper.

Today, professional electricians tend to fall into one of these categories:

  • Residential. Residential electricians work in private homes and apartment buildings. They may work primarily on new construction, installing wiring, sockets, fixtures, etc. Or they may focus mostly on remodeling, maintenance and repair of existing housing. Many residential electricians work for electrical contracting companies while others are freelancers, marketing their services to general contractors or directly to homeowners.
  • Commercial and Industrial. Commercial and industrial electricians tend to have a somewhat higher skill set compared to residential electricians because they are often involved in the installation, maintenance and/or repair of heavy equipment such as industrial powerplants, heating and air conditioning systems, manufacturing machinery, etc. Commercial and industrial electricians may work for electrical contracting companies, municipal utilities or in-house for industrial employers.
  • Linemen. While residential, commercial and industrial electricians tend to work in and around buildings, linemen are the people responsible for bringing electricity from power generation plants to those buildings. They install and maintain power lines. Because of the tremendous voltages involved — and because their work often involves scrambling around large towers in all kinds of weather — the lineman work can be extremely dangerous. Safety is always a major concern, especially when one is called to repair downed power lines! Linemen often work for public-owed electrical utilities or private power companies.

Learn the Electricians’ Trade at WyoTech in Long Beach

If work as a professional electrician appeals to you, you can prepare for a career in this challenging and rewarding field with the Electrician training program at WyoTech in Long Beach, Calif. This nine-month program can teach you the theory and skills necessary for entry-level apprentice positions in the residential, commercial and industrial electrician fields.
Electrician courses at the Long Beach campus include:

  • Electrical Theory and Algebra for Trades
  • NEC/Safety/Hand Tools and Conduit Bending
  • Residential/Commercial and NEC Requirements
  • Transformer Principles and Test Equipment
  • Hazardous Locations and Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution and Emergency Systems
  • Motor Concepts and Jobsite Management
  • Advanced Industrial Controls
  • Solid State Controls and Industrial Automation

Graduates of WyoTech’s Electrician program can get support from the school’s Career Services department, which provides help with resume preparation, interviewing techniques and identifying and contacting local employees.

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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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