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Become Skilled in Marine Technology

If you’re looking for an exciting career that can make good use of your mechanic skills, enrolling in WyoTech’s Marine Specialist program can give you the knowledge and confidence needed to maintain and repair yachts, commercial fishing boats, cabin cruisers and more.

Get Totally Immersed in Marine Technology

WyoTech offers the following:

A dynamic hands-on learning environment

• Advanced marine technology systems knowledge

• Teaching professionals with real-world experience

The training offered by WyoTech is unique because it gives students access to training features that include diesel engines, stern-drive units, gasoline inboard engines, outboard motors and much more. Our instructors are committed to making sure students get a broad base of experience from working directly on common marine hardware that students are likely to encounter on the job.

Wondering What the Career Opportunities Are for Marine Specialists?

Graduates from the program are qualified to seek entry-level careers as:

  • Franchise Dealership Technician
  •  Marine Fleet Technician
  • Engine Builder
  • Aftermarket Parts Application/Development

Contact WyoTech today for more information on how to start training for a challenging and rewarding career as a marine specialist.

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