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WyoTech Daytona Celebrates the Holiday Season

Staff and students at WyoTech Daytona helped the Salvation Army at various locations in Ormond Beach early this December to collect donations via the Salvation Army’s well known red kettle program.

Donation money is given to families in need, seniors and homeless people. Needed donations go a long way in helping to provide clothing, toys for children and traditional Christmas dinners.

Helping the Salvation Army is a great way to give back to the community for staff and students at WyoTech in Daytona. This years Toy Shoppe project helped organize toys donated for the Salvation Army Angel Tree. The wishes of “Angel Children” are realized through toys or money donated to the Salvation Army.

This year, children of Volusia and Flagler County were the beneficiaries. The massive gym at the Salvation Army Center was filled with bags and bags of toys and 75+ bicycles. And by every account, it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas for the children.

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