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WyoTech – Career Tech School Wizardry?

No, but it’s mighty impressive when you can attend a school whose instructors are as dedicated and industry-tested as those at WyoTech. At WyoTech, we choose instructors who are able to bring their own real-world experiences and education to the classroom each day.

Sure, the training is intense no matter what the program, but our experience and success rate with our graduates tells us that students excel when they’re encouraged to put their all in everything they do.

WyoTech offers the following programs.

• Automotive Technology
• Diesel Technology
• Collision/Refinishing Technology
• Motorcycle Technology
• Marine Specialist
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
• Plumbing Technology
• Electrician

The seeming magic experienced at WyoTech is due to the superior, college-level, career-oriented tech school education that we believe is essential to success in today’s fast-paced world.

In short, students arrive at WyoTech ready—and leave prepared for the adventure ahead.

Our diploma programs can be completed in less than a year and a half. And with six campuses across the nation, we’re graduating students that are prepared to add their skills and talents to America’s workforce on day one of graduation.

Ready to make a new commitment to your future success?

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Programs and schedules vary by campus.

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