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Some Hot Rod Slang

Hot RodCar customization is nothing new. Customized “hot rods” have been around since the 1930s. And over the years, street rodders have devised their own colorful slang.

If you have an interest in building street rods, or just happen to know a hot rod aficionado, here’s some basic car-building slang you need to know:

  • Balonies – Big, mean tires, usually in the rear.
  • Billet – A part machined from a chunk of solid aluminum or steel, not cast or welded.
  • Boots – Tires.
  • Bull Nose – Chrome trim hood piece.
  • Channel – To lower the body in relationship to the frame.
  • Chop – To reduce the height of the roof.
  • Fill – Filling body seams with lead or body filler to produce a sleeker appearance.
  • Flames – Custom paint that simulates flames on a car.
  • French – Usually, to recess components such as the lights or antennas.
  • Louvers – Vents or slots cut into body panels.
  • NOS – Nitrous Oxide System to boost horsepower.
  • Pearl – Any type of iridescent paint.
  • Pin Stripe – Long, thin paint strip, usually running the length of the body.
  • Raked – A car that’s been lowered in the front or raised in the back.
  • Roll Bar – A heavy inverted U-shaped bar usually placed behind the driver’s seat to protect passengers in the event of a roll-over.
  • Scoop – A raised device mounted on the hood for looks or to force air to the engine at higher speeds.
  • Tranny – Transmission.
  • Wires – Spoked wire wheels.

A Career in Street Rod Fabrication

If street rods are your passion, you can train for a career customizing automotive works of art with WyoTech’s Street Rod and Custom Fabrication program, as part of the Collision Refinishing Technology career education program.

In addition to the Collection Refinishing Technology’s core curriculum, you’ll learn the use of basic hand tools and specialized equipment like the English wheel, power hammer, planishing hammer, bead roller and louver press. Our custom paint training will cover the application of specialized finishes like pearls and candies. Techniques will be taught for special effects, including the layout and design of graphics.

This specialty program is only offered at WyoTech’s Blairsville, Pa., Laramie, Wyo., campuses. For more information about the Street Rod and Custom Fabrication program or other automotive, diesel, motorcycle or marine technology career training programs, contact WyoTech today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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