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Put Traction in Your Action – Go for What You Want in Life

The Laws of Attraction are getting a lot of free press times these days, and there’s little wonder. So what is the Law of Attraction all about? Basically, it’s the notion that we attract things in our lives that we focus on the most. If we have a positive mindset, we’ll attract positive events into our lives. If we have a negative mindset, we’ll attract negative things into our lives.

Conversely—thoughts precede action.

Have you wondered on occasion why it seems that some people are more affective at getting things done than others? What are the qualities that allows these types of people to get things accomplished? They’re assertive! Being assertive is really an expression of self-control. Being assertive is knowing what we want, believing that it’s okay to want it, and taking the action to get it.

Unfortunately, many of us might live in a context in which the needs of others trump our own. While saying “yes” and “no” are essential skills of communication, there comes a time when we have to assert ourselves and find a way to blend our actions with the respect we have for others.

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*Programs vary by campus.

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