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Now That You’ve Graduated!

Congratulations. You made it through school. You came to WyoTech eager and willing to learn, and now you’re ready to showcase your skills to a waiting world.

WyoTech nurtures connections with top companies in the industry you’ve trained for. And these companies know and respect the training you’ve received with us. Employers who are interested in candidates with your level of training work with our Career Services department to hire qualified graduates.

Prepare for the Interview Ahead

When the time comes to put the hammer down, you may experience the fear of being rejected. However, fear for the most part, can be controlled and handled effectively as long as you remember the excellence of your training and the dedication of your instructors in making sure you were well prepared.

Here are a few challenges you may experience:

• Fear and jittery nerves can display in a number of forms. You may experience a dry mouth, sweaty palms and a palpitation that feels like your heart is ready to jump out of your chest.

• A willing mind can go blank just before or at the interview. Some people feel as if everything they know or ever learned somehow got lost the moment they walked through the front door of the employer’s business.

• Confidence in you abilities can momentarily take a back seat. You know you’re good, and you proved it every day in class and on the shop floor. You may ask yourself, “But today, where did my confidence go?”

On the other hand, you might conduct yourself in the interview as if you owned the world and all the inhabitants in it. Either way, WyoTech wants you to know we’re with you every step of the way. You’ve trained with industry professionals who’ve lived the subject matter they teach. And this means your knowledge, upon graduation, is up-to-date and can be utilized on the day you find entry-level employment.

Each WyoTech campus’s Career Services team is dedicated to making sure you have access to the employers who look to hire candidates with your caliber and training. And that’s a tremendous return on your investment in time and learning.

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